Louisiana Lawyer Adept in Family, Criminal and Personal Injury Matters

Dedicated attorney provides a range of services for Monroe clients

Sensitive and sometimes vexing legal troubles require the services of experienced, effective counsel. I am Gregory G. Elias and for nearly a quarter century I have offered professional, compassionate representation to Monroe-area clients in the areas of family law, personal injury, workers' compensation and criminal defense. I do my best to guide you through the life disruptions that accompany legal problems and to ease your concerns as much as possible. When I take your case, you can be assured that you have efficient representation at a vulnerable time in your life.

A professional guide through legal turmoil

I am dedicated to helping you resolve your criminal or civil litigation in the most efficient way. Clients who have retained my services for a divorce or a personal injury or criminal case have found that I am:

  • A compassionate counselor who works one-on-one — I understand that legal problems weigh on clients emotionally as well as financially. I give hands-on advice to explain your options and make sure you understand the potential consequences of a chosen strategy.
  • An effective negotiator and aggressive litigator — I engage opposing counsel in good-faith discussions to achieve the best settlement possible, but I am always prepared to go to court and to advocate zealously for the recovery that I believe you deserve.
  • Cost-effective and flexible on fee arrangements — I charge reasonable fees and am willing to structure payments to suit your particular situation. In personal injury cases, I ask for no money up front and do not get paid at all unless I recover compensation on your behalf.

Whatever legal matter you are facing, I have the skill and experience to provide the capable counsel you need.

Diverse representation for Louisiana clients

I have a track record of successful outcomes based on carefully devised, thorough strategies. Clients in the Monroe area seek my counsel in the following legal matters:

  • Family law — I counsel clients in family law matters such as divorce, child support and child custody and visitation. I also represent clients in child adoptions.
  • Personal injury — I represent clients in personal injury cases arising from auto accidents and on-the-job incidents covered under workers' compensation, seeking fair recovery for hospital and medical costs, lost wages and other recognized damages.
  • Criminal defense — If you are accused of a crime or other offense, I will mount a strong criminal defense and protect your rights every step of the way.

Whatever type of matter you entrust to my care, I treat you with the respect and compassion I would expect and value as a client.

Contact an accomplished Louisiana family law attorney for a free initial consultation.

At the law offices of Gregory G. Elias in Monroe, I have the qualifications to provide you with the capable representation you need in criminal, family or personal injury matters. Please call 318-381-8126 or contact me online to schedule a free consultation.

Gregory G. Elias advocates for his clients. A major accomplishment of his is that Mr. Elias attained a $6.1 Million judgement on a case.

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